Hydrocolonic Therapy
Hydrocolonic Therapy
   Hydrocolonic Therapy | Colon Therapy

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Hydro Colonic Therapy

Colon or the large intestine is an integral part of our digestive tract. It is nearly 5-feet long and forms the last passage of digested food before it is passed towards the rectum. The colon plays an important part in the absorption of water and some nutrients. It also affects the formation of stools in the human body. It is central to various processes defining the extent up to which waste products or toxins are dispelled from the body. The colon also hosts many helpful varieties of bacteria that are responsible for aiding the digestion in our gut along with helping in the uptake of some trace nutrients. However, it is generally seen that most people don't have a healthy colon. This means that the removal of toxins from the body is impaired, resulting in making the body vulnerable to various diseases and reducing the body's overall immunity along with creating a nutrition deficit. Malabsorption of water further damages the body cells. The even bigger issue is that apart from the time when digestive issues arise, most folks don't realize that their unhealthy colon is precipitating many of their healthcare problems. This is why cleaning your colon and making it a healthier body organ is essential from a medical and individual perspective. In this regard, the advantages of hydro colonic therapy are worth understanding.

Hydro colonic therapy has many advantages, including:

Gut Cleansing

The toxic materials that are often stored in the form of impacted feces are removed from the body through Hydrocolonic sessions. It should be understood that constipation is not the only time when the human body tends to retain stools meant for expulsion. Many times, stool expulsion is suppressed due to impaired neurological or muscular actions causing their gradual accumulation in the large intestine. This further causes gradual leaking of many harmful toxic materials into the surrounding organs, often leading to a host of undiagnosed problems. Once the gut is cleaned through Hydrocolonic therapy, all such toxins are flushed out. One such common toxin is fecal debris. It is largely immune to other gut-cleansing aids, like laxatives. Through the irrigation part of Hydrocolonic therapy, the debris is forced out. This is why many medical facilities talk of colon-hydrotherapy as a rejuvenation treatment for the gut and the whole body.

Reconfiguration of Colon

A lazy or overactive colon that has been suffering from toxin build-up may take a long time to recover with conventional medications since the damage is often more penetrative and widespread than what is apparent through medical examinations. It has been seen that a colon cleaned through Hydrocolonic therapy has a better chance of regaining its muscular contraction and pH activity in a much quicker and comprehensive manner. The presence of toxins and fecal matter also causes certain pockets of the colon to be suppressed or stretched beyond a point of redemption. This means a gradual weathering of the gut tissue that cannot be recovered through conventional therapies. However, the Hydrocolonic procedures act like a gentle massage therapy, helping to rejuvenate the gut tissue and restore its lost vigor. The protruding pockets and the impaired constrictions are quickly repaired since the gut tissue is maneuvered through a gentle, massage-like movement of water that forms the core of most Hydrocolonic therapy sessions.
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